Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Telon Oil Benefits For Baby

Oil telon generally smeared on the back, abdomen and chest and your palms. Many benefits derived from thistelon oil. Not only creating a distinctive scent baby, but also can cause a sense of warmth in the parts thatrubbed. Benefits include oil telon
  •  Prevent Bloating , Baby's body heat regulation system is not perfect, especially early in life. As a result, when the ambient temperature is cold, the baby was easy to feel cold. Baby must be in warm condition. Temperature normal baby between 34-35 Celsius. Well, giving telon oil is one way prevent baby from cold, so the energy used can be more savings to the growing baby.
  • 3 Mixed Oil, Telon oil is a blend of 3 oils which Foeniculi oleum, Cajuputi Oleum and Cocos Oleum. Of the three oil mixture can prevent bloating in the baby, stimulate the nerves, makes the digestive system work more actively, warms the body, eliminate itching and soften the skin.
  • For Massage, Oil telon addition applied to the back, chest, abdomen and feet baby oil telon also comfortable and beneficial for baby massage.

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