Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avoid Inappropriate While Drinking Tea

Drinking tea is very delicious, especially if presented in the morning as breakfast friends. In order for a substance contained in the tea beneficial to the body as well, we need to know how a good time drinking tea, among others:

1. Do not drink tea during or after meals because they contained substances in food can be stolen by the substance stimulant tea.
2. Do not drink tea on an empty stomach because it can increase stomach acid production.
3. Avoid drinking tea laced with sugar because it causes the substances they contain to be reduced.

4. Do not drink tea all night because it had a lot of substances are oxidized and stale so the impact is not good for the body.

5. Avoid drinking tea during pregnancy and lactation. Because caffeine and stimulant substances in tea can stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to nursing mothers would disrupt production of milk-producing glands or breastfeeding mothers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Women Among the Child, Household & Employment

The role of a woman in modern times, not only as wives and housewives only. Economic demands and a desire to show the existence itself often puts women as workers. Of course, not easy to balance the three roles.
In the book The Secret Life of Super Mom, title Super Mom Kathy Buck worth give to mothers who work outside the home is complete with designer suits. That is, they perform double duty.
"But remember before, work to raise children is not lost for 8 (eight) or 10 (ten) hours when Super Mom was in office. But the one job that is really missing is keeping the child," said Kathy.
Means, mothers must also be prepared to have feelings of guilt because he could not accompany the children. At the time of any vacation, is sometimes difficult to relax because the colored mothers feeling depressed. Though you can not forever rely on maids, mother-in-law, or your own mother to guard the little guy.

The challenge to become a mother with multiple roles is quite large. Over time, you may feel money is no longer an issue. Eventually the desire to watch them grow and play in the course will be stronger. However, when you will decide to stay home and quit her career, the decision to stop a second income was always a very important thing.
One way that can be taken is to think and make you and your family live better qualified for the present and the future. Indeed, even now you could be categorized as a Super Mom with a multitude of activities.
Remember not to get too obsessed to have ideal body weight, the perfect home, children are always neat, and well behaved. Believe me it will be difficult. Should take pride in everything you do and reflect on your achievements one by one in the hearts of every day.

Practical tips to get around

Do not worry about things that are not helpful and the little things that make you lose sleep. There are still quite a lot of great things that need to worry about the life of a Super Mom.
Sacrifice quality for quantity. Super Mom sacrifice time for themselves. Such as eating food at the dinner table together despite the still chaotic state of the table and deliver your child to school even when wearing torn jeans.
Do it now! Buy a gift for your sister's birthday which falls on this month, since June. Cook dinner two hours earlier. Never even the slightest delay the work because of stress at the last minute to make matters worse.
Do not complain, do it! If you find yourself complaining more than once because they do not have time to do a job, calculate the time you spend complaining and use that time to finish the job.
Do not hesitate to delegate household tasks, just as you delegate in the office. Believe me, there will be money to be saved.
Let the phone ring. How many times the phone rings when you're eating tonight? While I was doing an important conversation? When your child with homework? So, just let it ring.
Make Saturdays and Sundays as a time to relax. Leisure time is invaluable to relieve stress and resolve all matters.
Free yourself of small tasks. Ask yourself, is there a task that if I did not finish today, will bother me the next day. If there is, to settle.

Republika newspaper

Hair care for Veiling

Muslim women may be tormented by the weather conditions are hot and humid. These conditions, which of course makes the hair more easily covered with a veil to sweat. If it were so, care is absolutely necessary.

The question arises, whether the treatment of Muslim women will drain the wallet? Should the salon to get healthy hair?. The answer, of course not. For those of you Muslim women not to worry, as a general trend, hair treatments can be done at home.

Use a moisturizing hair (conditioner) after the wash. Please note the use of conditioner do not do it every day because it will result in easier hair limp. Because when the scalp in a closed condition without the air then it could lead to damaged hair.

If possible, use a vitamin, cream bath or a hair tonic at least 2 weeks in order to maintain the quality of hair. This can be done alone or go to the salon.

Keep in mind, after doing the hair care, never to condition your hair wet. Because if wet, the hair would be humid air entering remember little. Use a hair dryer (Hair Dryer) or fans to help dry.

Although veiled does not mean unkempt hair. Islam teaches us to always keep everything that has been entrusted to every Muslim, of course including the crown hair. The trick is not too hard, was it?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Career Women Need Network

A growing number of women choosing a career, compared to just being a homemaker. Not just skills to work, it takes the ability to build relationships or networks in order to have successful careers.
One advantage of females is relatively sociable attitude. That does not mean you have to be flirtatious. If you can measure exactly, it is very supportive of you have an advantage over male workers. Here are some things you should consider to build the network.
Build relationships and networks when you start today. You will be more appreciated by others, as have the status clear career. For careers in specific fields, such as the mass media the opportunity to meet lots of people so the possibility of establishing relationships are higher than office workers.
You can begin to build relationships and networks through various media. From friend to friend, came to the gatherings, workshops, seminars, workshops, training, through mailing lists, and others. Alumni associations can also be a target you build a solid network.
Many options group relationships and networks that could be your target. Starting from the professional groups, business, economy class, by region, level of management, and others.
If you want more targeted, specify your choice and orientation in building relationships and networking. Prepare yourself with an attractive appearance, communication skills, and insight are adequate.

Remember, other people will judge how you are. Try to listen, avoid to always dominate the conversation. What is needed is to introduce yourself to proportionately and get information or whatever it takes opportunity.
Information and opportunities are you waiting can come from anyone. So no need to be too intensive with one person that makes you interested.
Try to always be honest, because honestly you've tried to avoid unnecessary problems. Honesty will also make you feel calm and comfortable so they can make more confident.

Tip a Potential Employee in Office

Being an employee not only beneficial to the office alone, but also you personally. In addition to offer promotions and salary increases are waiting in front of your eyes, you can develop your own potential that can raise your bargaining position later.
There is never a wrong dictionary in developing your own potential because they are a capital that will increase your selling power at a later date. It's certainly beneficial to the terms of a career that you are living.
Indeed, sometimes glancing at the office no potential and loyalty that we have already pointed out. But trust me, maximize yourself with a variety of knowledge never hurts.
Even if your office does not currently provide compensation according to the loyalty you've given, surely many offers out there that are better waiting for you.
Well, so you can achieve personal excellence in the office, here are some tips that can be done, as written by the Times of India.
1. Believe in yourselfIf you do not believe in yourself how can you expect others to believe in you?
2. Hone your skills continue to
To excel, you do need constant upgrading and skills development. Therefore, continued to hone various skills to add value to your sale.
3. Exit the comfort zone driLeaving the comfort zone is very difficult. However, if you move from your comfort zone, although only slightly, you will be acquiring a lot of new experiences for a chance to get the things you've never experienced before. The opportunity will certainly make your experience more colorful.
4. Be the best
Remove yourself from people who do not support you and contribute negatively to you personally. Instead, friends with peers who gave a positive value for you to always encouraged to be the best.
5. Setting goals at the highest
To achieve success, plug it in a purpose beyond the normal limits or standards in general purpose, where you can definitely achieve it. Establish goals as high as possible, but still be realistic so with passion, hard work and effort, you can reach it.

Career in Telecommunication World

For those of us who have a high motivation for working in the telecommunications world, and has spent time college to learn what it is Erlang A, Erlang B or GSM logical channel. Apparently there are many areas and loopholes in the telecommunications world that we can enter, either simply to deepen knowledge, gain experience, add up to future savings

1. Operator, This is a dream many young engineers, workplace becomes dream many scholars from both campuses domestic telecom-known to least known (hopefully this statement is not wrong CMIIW). Here the employee acts as the operator of telecommunications networks for customers directly.Engineer working in here a duty to maintain network availability, so customers can use the network to communicate voice and data with ease. But in addition to the primary task, there are a lot of knowledge to be gained, of course, because it acts as the owner of telecommunications equipment, engineers here have the opportunity to study the devices used (this does not apply to all positions, especially for engineers). Sometimes, engineers must be able to also perform the installation of telecommunication  own devices, if an urgent situation and not allowed to use the services of a third party (read vendors), then the engineer must be able to install it's own telecommunications equipment. No less challenging is the work of troubleshooting. This work is a tricky job, because if problems are not met are also the solution, then it is not possible we will find it frustrating to search for common problems.
2. Vendor, It's not impossible to become the first choice for fresh graduates as well, because the company's telecom vendors such as Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, etc , knowledge and experience on offer is not a bit. It is no secret that in these companies, telecommunications science we can get very much. In this company we can learn the installation of devices, network optimization, to troubleshooting device that is installed. Probably not much different with a glance at your work huh? But remember, that the vendor can only learn one product alone.
3. Contractor, Can not enter into an employee of gold above two options? Do not worry, there are still places to work. Contractor is a company that worked on the project that won the tender by a vendor. Some of the areas normally done for example for the installation of base stations, installation of Micro Wave (radio transmission), Test Drive for network optimization, installation of new Base Transmission Service (BTS) towers, etc. Relatively large-scale contractors, typically include a project with a great value, so it is not rare for a contractor hired back some of sub-contractors to work on projects that they win the tender.
4. Sub-Contractors, A company is a sub-contractor under the contractor who worked on the project to contractors. Therefore, the scale of the work performed relatively smaller. Science that we get here may not be as much as in telecom vendors, but we can learn to very detailed, the work we wrestled. This is because the scope of the work we're in relatively narrow so that we are repeated every time we do it.
5. Supplier, Being a supplier of a general nature, but the telecommunications company though, requires a competent and qualified suppliers to supply goods and services to support the company's survival.
6. Outsource, A telecommunications company both vendors and operators would need to outsource labor to help with the work of an administrative nature to the technical. For example, an admin, this energy is needed to help the company's operations and continuity of work. Technical assistance personnel are also needed to help operations engineer in a telecom operator in the work of network troubleshooting, to maintenance and installation of telecommunications equipment.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Success Making Cookies

Although very simple to make, but you still must follow the instructions below to make sure if the cookies you make are the best cookies ever. Here are ways how:

1. Measuring flour correctly
2. Do not increase the amount of margarine
3. Chill the dough before baking
4. Use a Silicone Rolling Pin
5. Use Oven Thermometer
6. Beat the dough until smooth
7. Make Dough at once
8. Use quality materials
9. Note the baking time
10. Grease a pan with margarine

Birth Signs

Perhaps not a few mothers who do not know any signs of labor, especially for first-time mothers who are pregnant. Well, here are a few of them:

1. A pain in the groin
Mom will feel the pain in the groin because there is pressure as a result of fetal head position is down, into the framework of the pelvic bone. Because fetal bladder pressure, pregnant women become frequent urination. Mother also felt a pain in the stomach, heartburn, frequent stools and flatulence.

2. Pain in the pelvis and spine
Mom will feel excessive pain in the pelvis and the spine. The pain is caused by the shifts and movements which began to suppress fetal spine.

3. Exit thick mucus mixed with blood
Starting out a little thick sticky mucus. This mucus can be mixed with blood when the cervix in the process of opening. Mothers should immediately go to the hospital with equipment that has been prepared to stay.

4. Membranes ruptured
Appears amniotic fluid from the vagina, can be wet in the pants seepage or oozing up into the mother's feet. Immediately to the hospital to get help.

5. Uterus contraction
Mothers will experience successive uterine contractions for 5 minutes and not lost in 1 hour. Distinguish from false contractions that usually comes suddenly vanished.

6. Uterus open
Labor is marked by the opening of the uterus, ranging from 1 to 10 openings. This opening phase is medically defined how many cm in size of the opening in the cervix. Aperture 1, which means the cervix has opened 1 cm while the perfect opening marked by the open mouth of the uterus about 10 cm so it can be bypassed by the baby's head.

Source: Nakita and my

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Five Types of Food for Your Hair Beauty

Effects of sunlight, chlorine and droughts because of the dry season will be very dangerous for the beauty of your hair. They can make the hair more dull and brittle than usual. In addition to environmental influences, diet that you do have a great impact on kesehata hair.

Dietitian and author of "Nutrition at Your Fingertips" Elisa Zied help us to choose what food I am useful to restore your hair to a beautiful sheen are like normal.
1. SoybeanApart from being an alternative meat intake, food products containing soy protein and are equipped with Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating soy and tofu will mengingkatkan hair sheen that comes from omega-3 and keratin, a protein which is an element in the hair.
2. KaleLet the vegetables are eaten raw and get all the nutrients, but even if you want to cook or menumisnya, kale can still give a lot of vitamin A and iron. Zied says, vitamin A can help restore dry hair and maintaining healthy teeth, bones and body tissues such as skin. Iron also has the same benefits for the body and also help grow hair.
3. OysterAlthough without pearls, sea creatures are able to enhance the beauty. Zied says oysters contain amounts of Omega-3 is sufficient to enhance the sheen of hair, and vitamin B12 have been shown to reduce hair loss.
4. Low-fat productsMilk, yogurt, and low-fat cheese has lots of protein and vitamin B12. According to Zied, it is very useful to strengthen the hair.
5. SaladComplete your green salad with ingredients that contain lots of vitamin A such as lettuce, carrots, red peppers, broccoli. Zied specifically advise you to choose the materials to make hair soft and dense, but also useful for diet your body.

Source Yahoo

Six Foods Important for Brighter Skin Color

 Useless to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a skin-lightening products if they do not perform maintenance from the inside. With good nutrition, healthy skin and so it automatically looks brighter. Any foods that must be consumed so that the skin is no longer dark and dull?

1. OrangeAll types of citrus fruits, including grapefruit, is a source of vitamin C that has many benefits for the skin. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen and elastin in our bodies, which serves to reduce wrinkles and prevent aging skin. He is also believed to slow the
production of melanin, the pigment that makes skin appear darker. Try to consume fresh orange once a day. In addition to citrus, tomatoes are also a fruit rich in vitamin C.

2. Red and green vegetablesSpinach, carrots, broccoli, and his friends contain more beta-carotene functions as an antioxidant for the skin. In addition to preventing damage to cells, beta-carotene will be converted by the body into vitamin A which is useful to combat acne, produces new skin cells and make skin tones look brighter and younger. It would be better if we get vitamin A directly from food rather than vitamin supplements, since excess vitamin A can actually interfere with our health.

3. FishThese water creatures are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are the main recipe for a bright brilliant skin. Additionally, consume sardines, tuna, or salmon are rich in protein can help protect skin from sun exposure and pollution. The protein contained in it helps the reproductive cells and make skin look radiant.

4. AvocadoAvocados are a source of vitamin E. It is useful to retard aging and cleanse the skin of any blemishes such as acne scars, dark spots, and other problems. Eating avocados regularly will also prevent the skin to sag with age.

5. WheatCan be obtained in the form of cereals and breads, wheat contains biotin which helps the body process fat cells. Biotin deficiency can cause dry skin and look dull.

6. Olive oilThe healthiest food for the skin? Fruit salad and vegetables sprinkled with olive oil for seasoning. These oils contain essential fatty acids to make skin look brighter, glowing and healthy.

Source My Beauty