Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hair care for Veiling

Muslim women may be tormented by the weather conditions are hot and humid. These conditions, which of course makes the hair more easily covered with a veil to sweat. If it were so, care is absolutely necessary.

The question arises, whether the treatment of Muslim women will drain the wallet? Should the salon to get healthy hair?. The answer, of course not. For those of you Muslim women not to worry, as a general trend, hair treatments can be done at home.

Use a moisturizing hair (conditioner) after the wash. Please note the use of conditioner do not do it every day because it will result in easier hair limp. Because when the scalp in a closed condition without the air then it could lead to damaged hair.

If possible, use a vitamin, cream bath or a hair tonic at least 2 weeks in order to maintain the quality of hair. This can be done alone or go to the salon.

Keep in mind, after doing the hair care, never to condition your hair wet. Because if wet, the hair would be humid air entering remember little. Use a hair dryer (Hair Dryer) or fans to help dry.

Although veiled does not mean unkempt hair. Islam teaches us to always keep everything that has been entrusted to every Muslim, of course including the crown hair. The trick is not too hard, was it?

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