Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Really Need Cosmetics?

Justify babies need a variety of cosmetics? Many questions about the baby cosmetics, find the correct answer from the experts.
1. Do babies need to wear cosmetics? Yes, use as needed; do not overdo it. Because cosmetics are chemicals that are not medicines and are used to treat the skin. The chemical has reached only the outermost layer of the skin and does not alter the structure and function of the skin. Cosmetic infants and children required to keep her skin healthy. For baby, choose cosmetics that are specially for babies and children.
2. Cosmetic what a baby needs?

Soap: to cleanse the skin.
Shampoo: to cleanse the hair and scalp of dirt and oil, and make hair soft and shiny.
Baby Oil: to moisturize dry skin.
Baby lotion: to moisturize dry skin.
Hair lotion: to moisturize the hair, makes hair so easy to set up.
Moisturizer: to improve skin moisture so the skin functions as a protective filter and well maintained.
Powder: to reduce friction on the skin folds.
Sunscreen: to avoid the adverse effects of sunlight, such as burns (sunburn).
3. Really replace soap often cause skin allergies baby? No, as long as the soap used to have acidity (pH) is close to normal skin pH or slightly acidic, which is about 5.5 - 7. Choose a mild baby soap, has been clinically tested for safety, unscented, contains no trigger irritation (irritant) so it does not cause skin damage, avoid compounds that contain irritant triggers, such as quaternium 15, parabens, dietanolamin and Triethanolamine. Avoid using antiseptic because of the long-term or excessive can alter the normal flora of the skin and lead to irritation.
4. What about the frequent changing of shampoo, whether to make a baby's hair is damaged? No. Shampoo serves to clean baby's hair and scalp. Use the shampoo when the baby is older than 10 months. As for infants less than 10 months, use cleaning products to clean the scalp skin. Choose a shampoo specifically for babies, not making the hair and scalp dry, has a strong cleaning power, a little foam, thick enough so as not easily flow into the eye, and not painful if you do not accidentally get into eyes.
5. Is hair lotion to nourish your baby's hair? No, because the function is a hair lotion helps hair retain moisture, as well as making your child's hair combed so much easier. Generally, a hair lotion or moisturizer containing only with additional ingredients such as aloe vera, pecan and celery.
6. Is it true that babies do not need a moisturizer for sensitive skin? Wrong. On the contrary, the baby's skin needs a moisturizer because it is very susceptible to drought. The structure of the baby's skin cells with adult skin is different. In the baby's skin, the distance between one cell with other cells are still quite large because the cells are not yet fully developed. This situation causes the water contained in the compound between the skin cells to become volatile. That is why premature babies and babies whose skin tends to dry to be moisturizing.
7. What about the powder, whether it can interfere with breathing? Not if used properly. How to use safe powder is pour the powder in the palm of the hand and then wipe the entire surface of the skin of his body slowly so that grains of powder particles are not inhaled baby. Use baby powder after a bath, especially in the area folds to reduce friction on the skin.
8. Babies need to use sunscreen? Very necessary, because the baby's skin is much more susceptible to the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, the amount of skin pigment melanin is lower than adult skin. The content of the compound in a sunscreen cream that effectively protects the skin in infants under 6 months are zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Choose the cream blushes solar waterproof and does not contain fragrance. Use 15-30 minutes before the baby is exposed to direct sunlight and repeat usage every 2-3 hours after the move, or soak in water.
9. How to use baby oil? Besides applied directly over the surface of a dry baby's skin, can also be added to the bathwater. Simply apply 2 times a day.
10.Tip and tricks on choosing a baby cosmetics? Choose which generally meet the following requirements.

Been tested clinically safe.
Special cosmetics for babies, because the material composition and levels are designed to be secure and in accordance with the structure of the baby's skin.
Choose which is hipoalregen, does not contain irritant triggers, such as fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.
pH is close to normal skin pH or slightly acidic (pH 5.5 - 7)
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