Monday, August 22, 2011

Loving Child Wise Ways

How do you express love to children? Already tepatkah that way?Love is a complex problem. If not, we will not have so many poet or songwriter.
In the context of the family, the parents must have been like to express his love for children always seek happiness with her baby. They always want to be able to give praise and a warm hug, serving the needs of children, and, just maybe, buy whatever was asked of children. All done in the name of love.
However, the extent of expression of that love? Where is the boundary? When we know that we have too much love child? It's tricky issues. Many people have difficulty saying no to children. Especially when we know how that love is indispensable for the development of children, including the matter of physical health.
Money is not Everything. Expression of loving parents to children will affect the growth of the process. In the first five years of age, a child seeking reassurance. Is obtainable when he felt the members of the family loved him. Sense of security will further develop self-confidence and self-concept of children someday. Expressions of love that continues to be felt also teach children to empathize with others, and support the process of building trust on the individual child's other

But then again, it is possible for parents to love in ways that are less wise. This example happens when we put way too materialistic nature. Buy toys or items for children nonstop or whining is not always granted the right way. "Money can not buy love": we just remember that Beatles song.
The biggest problem with this disposition is that it can inhibit the growth of empathy in children. Child in time they will become less sensitive to the environment if it is too associate love with toys or souvenirs, even though too much flattery is also potential for similar impact.
Precisely when the parents are too exaggerated to express his love for children, making children accustomed to focusing on self-love. He will continue to demand and expect others to continue to give him love. As a result, the child was unable to foster empathic complex, namely the emotional ties with others.

Reasonable, Your Warm. So how to find appropriate boundaries? Indeed there is no science eksaktanya. The best way is with a little introspection. Ask yourself, how to express the privilege of a child in a reasonable manner, warm and special.
Be open! Looking at these examples, you might think, from where we can get an idea of ​​expressing love for children? How can an intelligent, fun and original? (Um, apparently not much complexity to express love when you were dating).
The more open an individual the opportunity to see the world and the ease of accessing information resources, helping parents to obtain references about child care ..Loved it indeed was the purpose of life. Other times we are tempted to once again shopping for kids toys.

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