Friday, August 19, 2011

Benefits of Chocolate

Not only a tasty chocolate. Chocolate is also rich in benefits, for toddlers to adults. Check out the best way to enjoy it!
A series of studies suggests, chocolate is rich in nutrients. Good for adults, even children. However, specifically for children, is always reminded to brush their teeth after enjoying it.
Not all fats are bad. If you're dieting, do not worry, chocolate does not suddenly make your body become stretched. Is indisputable, cocoa beans as a base for fruit chocolate does contain a fairly high fat chocolate that is 31% followed by carbohydrates and protein 14% 9%. However, brown fat is digested and absorbed a little longer by the body, so it does not trigger increased blood cholesterol.
Brown fat is a saturated fatty acid (stearic acid) that does not increase the LDL (low desity lipoprotein) or cholesterol, "the bad fats".
Stearic acid contained in the chocolate will be converted into oleic acid (omega 9) that are not saturated and make your heart fit. Chocolate is then able to suppress the oxidation of cholesterol.
Interestingly, chocolate is also regarded as a youthful drug because aging is often associated with declining health of blood vessels. This is supported by studies such as performed by dr. Naomi Fischer, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, USA. According to him, flavonoid-rich chocolate can improve blood vessel function.
Related research about chocolate as well as by leading American manufacturer of chocolate through the researcher, Harold Scmitz Ph.D, "Brown is expected to reduce the risk of heart problems and blood vessels. In the future, chocolate can be potentially be a cure heart problems, strokes and blood vessels ".
How to Enjoy Chocolate

Snack, a dark chocolate bars or in other forms. We recommend that you select the basic ingredients of dark chocolate brown about 50-70% more than the mixture.
Drinks, like hot chocolate, cold or yogurt
Complement to other foods, such as smeared on pita bread. Do not choose the wrong, only the colors are brown, but its content is too much sugar and fat

Benefits Dark chocolate

Lowering blood pressure
Treating coughs
Preventing a stroke
Lowers cholesterol
Aphrodisiac (passionately)
Makes the brain to relax so that we become more relaxed and calm


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