Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prevent Stretchmarks

Abdominal wall we have a limit flexibility, if the limit is exceeded, then the skin tissue will be damaged and appeared to line - the so-called red lines stretchmarks.

The bigger the more stretchmarks pregnancy, and especially aggravated by scratching or the use of substances that cause allergic reactions.

To reduce stretchmarks for pregnant women, pregnant women are advised to use
a solution containing moisturizers, vitamins, fat and fluid that serves to reduce damage to the skin. In the event of allergy then you should not use the solution that is irritating or itchy.

When the mother felt that annoying itch, do not carded, especially when using tools such as comb. Enough is pressed gently - land several times for not getting damaged skin.

To reduce the mother's complaint about stretchmarks, for pregnant women are advised to wear a moisturizer solution, eat lots of vegetables and fruit - fruits, do not wear tight clothes or that cause severe irritation and keep the fetus is not excessive.

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