Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Women Among the Child, Household & Employment

The role of a woman in modern times, not only as wives and housewives only. Economic demands and a desire to show the existence itself often puts women as workers. Of course, not easy to balance the three roles.
In the book The Secret Life of Super Mom, title Super Mom Kathy Buck worth give to mothers who work outside the home is complete with designer suits. That is, they perform double duty.
"But remember before, work to raise children is not lost for 8 (eight) or 10 (ten) hours when Super Mom was in office. But the one job that is really missing is keeping the child," said Kathy.
Means, mothers must also be prepared to have feelings of guilt because he could not accompany the children. At the time of any vacation, is sometimes difficult to relax because the colored mothers feeling depressed. Though you can not forever rely on maids, mother-in-law, or your own mother to guard the little guy.

The challenge to become a mother with multiple roles is quite large. Over time, you may feel money is no longer an issue. Eventually the desire to watch them grow and play in the course will be stronger. However, when you will decide to stay home and quit her career, the decision to stop a second income was always a very important thing.
One way that can be taken is to think and make you and your family live better qualified for the present and the future. Indeed, even now you could be categorized as a Super Mom with a multitude of activities.
Remember not to get too obsessed to have ideal body weight, the perfect home, children are always neat, and well behaved. Believe me it will be difficult. Should take pride in everything you do and reflect on your achievements one by one in the hearts of every day.

Practical tips to get around

Do not worry about things that are not helpful and the little things that make you lose sleep. There are still quite a lot of great things that need to worry about the life of a Super Mom.
Sacrifice quality for quantity. Super Mom sacrifice time for themselves. Such as eating food at the dinner table together despite the still chaotic state of the table and deliver your child to school even when wearing torn jeans.
Do it now! Buy a gift for your sister's birthday which falls on this month, since June. Cook dinner two hours earlier. Never even the slightest delay the work because of stress at the last minute to make matters worse.
Do not complain, do it! If you find yourself complaining more than once because they do not have time to do a job, calculate the time you spend complaining and use that time to finish the job.
Do not hesitate to delegate household tasks, just as you delegate in the office. Believe me, there will be money to be saved.
Let the phone ring. How many times the phone rings when you're eating tonight? While I was doing an important conversation? When your child with homework? So, just let it ring.
Make Saturdays and Sundays as a time to relax. Leisure time is invaluable to relieve stress and resolve all matters.
Free yourself of small tasks. Ask yourself, is there a task that if I did not finish today, will bother me the next day. If there is, to settle.

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