Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birth Signs

Perhaps not a few mothers who do not know any signs of labor, especially for first-time mothers who are pregnant. Well, here are a few of them:

1. A pain in the groin
Mom will feel the pain in the groin because there is pressure as a result of fetal head position is down, into the framework of the pelvic bone. Because fetal bladder pressure, pregnant women become frequent urination. Mother also felt a pain in the stomach, heartburn, frequent stools and flatulence.

2. Pain in the pelvis and spine
Mom will feel excessive pain in the pelvis and the spine. The pain is caused by the shifts and movements which began to suppress fetal spine.

3. Exit thick mucus mixed with blood
Starting out a little thick sticky mucus. This mucus can be mixed with blood when the cervix in the process of opening. Mothers should immediately go to the hospital with equipment that has been prepared to stay.

4. Membranes ruptured
Appears amniotic fluid from the vagina, can be wet in the pants seepage or oozing up into the mother's feet. Immediately to the hospital to get help.

5. Uterus contraction
Mothers will experience successive uterine contractions for 5 minutes and not lost in 1 hour. Distinguish from false contractions that usually comes suddenly vanished.

6. Uterus open
Labor is marked by the opening of the uterus, ranging from 1 to 10 openings. This opening phase is medically defined how many cm in size of the opening in the cervix. Aperture 1, which means the cervix has opened 1 cm while the perfect opening marked by the open mouth of the uterus about 10 cm so it can be bypassed by the baby's head.

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