Friday, August 19, 2011

Know Your Toddler Weather

For toddlers 3 years, rain, lightning, the sun also invited a lot of questions. To her amazement the air can suddenly change from bright sunny to cloudy gray.

The question of causation. Toddlers 3 years who have mastered a broad vocabulary, will usually ask you questions to practice language skills. However, questions relating to natural phenomena are usually also part of the fulfillment of her curiosity, especially about what exists and happens around him.

The one that attracted the attention of toddlers 3 years is the variety of natural events and weather factors. Such as, rain, wind, bright sun and others. Not only because of the natural phenomena he really saw and experienced, but also a variety of books and spectacle that gets at preschool and at home more inviting curiosity.

"Mother, why is the air overcast? Why the sun does not exist if cloudy? "Questions like that usually becomes an opening. You should not be satisfied if the first two questions are answered. Since the aftermath of the second question is usually the next question. What should parents do if can not answer questions toddlers 3 years?

Be honest, and look for sources of information with a toddler. You can ask her to find information about natural phenomena including weather from a children's book that tells of the rain, for example. Nothing wrong with my hunting too small to store the DVD and VCD movies to seek knowledge that describes various natural phenomena including weather factors.

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